Shenzhen Top-peak Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech and innovative enterprise engaged in UAV product research and development, embedded Internet of things products, radio frequency products, network cloud storage, and digital video equipment. At present, the company launched the four-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles not only have hover, surround, a key return, GPS, tracking and inspection and other basic functions, its strong anti-interference ability and long traffic capacity, technically in the same industry advanced level. SINOCHIP UAVs have been widely used in security, film and television aerial photography, forest protection, police inspection, agricultural production, traffic control, teaching and research, power inspection, environmental monitoring, wildlife protection, nature protection and other fields.
   "Independent innovation, dedication to society" is the peak of SINOCHIP, "China's core, science and technology" is SINOCHIP mission, SINOCHIP with a broad mind to meet the challenges, and always keep our products and technology in the world leading level with keen technical insight and market insight.