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About Us
about us
TOP-PEAK is a national creative enterprise with advanced technology, which is specialized in R&D of drones, embedded loT products, RFID products, network cloud storage, digital video equipment. At present , we have 4-Axis quadcopter, 6 Rotors agricultural drone as well as 8 propellers agricultural drone which support hover, revolving, one key return, GPS and tracking inspection. And also, it takes the leading position in the technology of anti-disturbance and endurance. Currently, our UAV is widely used in security, filming, forest protection, police patrol, agriculture production, traffic management, education of teaching and research, power patrol, environment-monitoring, animal protection, nature protection, etc. Our spirit is “Self-dependent innovation, dedication to society” and our mission is “SINOCHIP, invigorating China through the development of science and technology”. TOP-PEAK faces the challenge in a broad-minded way and our products and technology remain in the leading position, based on our acute acumen of technology and market.
The enterprise culture
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    Enterprise strategic positioning
    To provide users worldwide with professional UAV application overall solutions
    Sinochip is a high-tech innovative enterprise focusing on the research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and training service of the whole unit system in the field of UAV intelligence and UAV. Based on customer demand and value ability, through our products and brand set up, occupy the image characteristics, consciousness feedback and value positioning in the minds of consumers.
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    Brand positioning
    UAV application overall solutions providers
    Leader of intelligent drone industry
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    Brand mission
    Adopting creative technology promotes Level of human life
    Corporate mission is the role of the company performance in the society It’s responsibility, and the worth & value of itself, Why do enterprise exist and persist How to keep its long term, supporting the greatness of its existence and growth. that is the Enterprise’s big important topic.
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    Brand spirit
    Serve customer & pursuit of perfection
    Sinochip firmly believes that success require respect everyone along the enterprise value chain provide excellent service to clients , make everything better and better. This is Sinochip unlimited programmatic concept , meanwhile it’s the Rule of all staff.
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    Core competitive advantage
    Technology - service -efficiency
    Stable technical strength and innovation,Spirit and the solutions about user’s pain points.
    Put customer at the center, deeply to the user,The attitude of service and exceeding customer expectations
    Familiar with industry demand trends and customer requirements psychology, cooperate with market demand fast R&D and production capacity
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    The target market
    Take emerging markets as a guide and gradually,Global market coverage.
    Focus on improving the stability of high cost performance, Safety and ease of use of products and Control system development. Propulsion plant protection Machine, security machine and other industry applications. Product development and sales. Pay attention to fine, The specialty with the demand characteristic of market crowd, Professional product research & development.
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