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After more than three months of evaluation and selection, the list of the top 20 high-tech high-growth companies in shenzhen and the stars of tomorrow in 2018 has finally been announced. Shenzhen dingfeng infinite electronics co., ltd. was ranked 11th among the top 20 companies with an average growth rate of 347%.
Deloitte high-growth high-tech project national leaders Zhao Jindong said: qualified for "shenzhen top 20" corporate headquarters or main business operations must be in shenzhen area, and the company should have run more than three years, and with independent intellectual property rights or proprietary technology (the technology confirm a significant revenue for the company). In addition, the first year of business income in the past three years must be 1 million yuan or more. The organizer will evaluate the enterprise according to its revenue growth rate in the past three fiscal years. It is understood that many companies that once participated in the selection project have now become China and even the world's technology giants, such as apple, Google, facebook, tencent, baidu, alibaba, qihoo 360, Letv, wuxi Kant, haikangwei and other enterprises, are the winners of the year.

Finally, he xingyang, chairman of dingfeng infinite, said: we will continue to improve the brand construction and product structure optimization, strengthen production, supply, marketing and other aspects of management; To provide customers with various, multi-channel services, and steadily achieve a win-win situation!
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